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Multi-Destinations Plan Order

Persional Information

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Office Hours
11:30-8:30pm Monday-Friday
11:30-8pm Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday

Terms and Conditions

Compensation Amount

Pocket Wifi Device SGD $200
Card Replacement Fee SGD $50
External Battery SGD $100
USB Lead SGD $10
Adaptor SGD $30
Bag SGD $10
Late Return Daily Rental Fee + SGD $5

Cancellation Policy

  • If the User wishes to cancel the reservation then the User must notify the Company immediately and in addition should pay the following surrender tenancy fee :
  • If the reservation is cancelled more than seven days prior to the Designated Departure Date, the customer will be charged 30% of the rental fee and full deposit will be refunded .
  • If the reservation is cancelled within seven days of the Designated Departure Date, the customer will be charged 50% of the rental fee and full deposit will be refunded .
  • Rental Fee will not be refunded if the device delivered or cancelling the order on or after the departure date, only the deposit will be refunded.
  • It takes 5 working days to refund for bank transfer payments;10 working days for Credit Card payments

Fair Usage Policy

To ensure that all users of the network stability and security, each telecommunication provider have fair usage policy (FUP) to monitor data usage. When a user using excessive traffic or reach a fair amount of use in a short time, preventing other users from normal use, telecommunications supplier may terminate, suspend or change the quality of service, Wifi Egg is unable to intervene. If your network busy (ie, concurrent use of network resources), your data may be subject to intermittent flow impact, and return to normal after the network soothed.

Tenants agree the FUP in a fair manner using wireless internet access. If the Tenant or a third party using the service exceeds the amount of fair usage set by the service provider, Wifi Egg will regard tenant unfairly using the service, and will not be responsible for any connectivity problems that have emerged.

Daily/ Accumulated data usage:

Unlimited Japan/ Korea/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ China/ Philippines/ USA/ Hong Kong/ Vietnam/ Malaysia
1.5GB Canada
1GB Europe
500MB India/ Indonesia/ Singapore/ Australia/ Maldives/ Dubai

Please contact us +65 6635-2878 or info@wifiegg.com.sg for any enquiries.